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No Devil liveD oN is the second release recorded in the basement of the EWL House in the summer of 2005.


released July 4, 2005



all rights reserved


Johnny Bodacious and the Bad Attitudes Chicago

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Track Name: Swashbuckling
Not what you say but what you do, minds may change but hearts stay true, and time sees friendships fade, but nothing seems to ease the pain. No way back from feeling lonely, everything is lost you told me, emptiness won't stay forever, since it won't i think you'd better.
Track Name: Beardo
This aimless anguish is pounded onto paper, but probably never printed anywhere. And it's taking time to complete these careless concepts, and connect the ties completeing you. This painless progress is probably forgotten, as friendly faces fix their problems. But close-cut corners only create conflicts, i'm often openly closed minded.
Track Name: There's A Better Way
Piece by piece now the puzzles falling into place, and i can tell, soon everything will be staring you right in the face. You won't like what you see, when you wake from you dream, and the only ones who can change it are you and me. Day by day now you work and waste your life away, now that you see it, you're starting to think "well, maybe there's a better way". Cause this just can't be right, everyday 9-5. They call it a living but it seems like your wasting your life.
Track Name: God Grades On The Cross Not The Curve
Rip my lungs from my chest, not worth breathing no more, tear my eyes from their sockets, cause they're just as useless as yours, take my heart from this cage, and burn the remains, the sky's looking grey, today and always but i don't have the strength to change. And it won't go away, this unbearable pain, left with nothing to say, watch the world waste away, and hope chemicals make it okay.
Track Name: Why Do I Always Have To Sweep?
Slowly drifting off to dreams, i've been awake for days, i'm giving up on everything. Sleep pours from my tired eyes, my ears erupt with angry lies, but i know everything will be alright. Cut down trees and childhood dreams, paved over everything, left nothing but my memories. Wasted all of eighteen years, trying hard to make things clear, nothing to show for all of my time here.
Track Name: Hard To Swallow
Stand aside, watch as the world passes by, don't think just get back in line, i'm sure that it's not worth your time. Look away, everything will be okay, just listen to what they say, tomorrow is another day. Turn around, don't look and don't make a sound, forget everything that you've found, you'll learn to swallow it down. Close your eyes, hide all the secrets and lies, pretend that it's all a surprise, at least until the fire dies. Don't give up, don't stop till you've had enough, i know 9-5 can be rough, as long as it's filling your cup. Take your time, shop around see what you'll find, i'm sure there's much more you could buy, don't worry spend every dime. Make a wish, an 18inch satalite dish, forget the hungry and homeless, just think of the shows you could miss. Go to sleep, try not to lose count of sheep, make sure not to fall in too deep, don't forget to wake up to the beep.
Track Name: Face It Fabio(It's Not Butter)
If i could only drag you down, maybe for an hour. Off that high horse that you've found, or would you even bother. With a memory like me, that keeps your ribcage aching. Like the cigarettes you breathe, and the smoke keeps you complaining...Success, i'm not impressed. And i know this is not what you meant, when you said, your profession, would be something you'd be proud in. After all these things have changed, is it just a memory. After lifetimes rearranged, i see you with your family. After everything we did, did any of it matter. After all the times we had, we'll see whats coming after. Success.
Track Name: State Lines
It's only been days since i looked at your face but it seems like forever. And these state-lines are taking there toll on me breaking me so is the weather. Cause it's freezing outside and there's no place to hide cause insides not much better. And i'm feeling the hint of the sadness that sits behind words in each letter. And i'm out of excuses i want restitution, i'm out on my own. Out of my element, seems so irrelevant, soon i'll be home. These stretches of road lead further from home if i'm not mistaken. And time seems to fly as these miles go by down the roads that i've taken. And i've been here for days i'm afraid i can't stay, but i'd like to forever. Cause the warmth from your arms keeps me from harm in spite of the weather.
Track Name: Unleashing The K-Dogg
So quickly it came, so quickly it went, i already miss it, my childhood days and how they were spent oblivious to this shit, a million days pass alone in my room, i guess it's a habit, but what can i do, it's not coming back and i'll always regret it. But my kind of world is not going to come if people don't care, the fight won't be won, my kind of world is not going to come if people don't care.