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On Blood Type: Rock
Johnny Bodacious and the Bad Attitudes

Vocals/Guitar: Johnny Society
Bass/Vocals: Brian Fausett
Drums: Billy Warner
Guitar: Eric Skullteddy

This recording was made during the fall of 2002
by Eric Osland at Gadget Productions.
The cover art was done by: Anthony Moraga
You can reach JBBA at:

461 N Edward Street
Cortland, IL 60112
or thebadattitudes@gmail.com


released November 1, 2002



all rights reserved


Johnny Bodacious and the Bad Attitudes Chicago

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Track Name: DJ Prop Boy
Another day goes by, so many questions rule your life, they're running through your head, as you mull over what she said. so much left to answer, no one is there to guide, because you went away now, and you don't know why. So you don't think about it, you try to hide, in the end you'll still be asking why. When i see you again, it seems these troubles never end, from the things you've said, it seems she left you anyway.
Track Name: Nite Lite Lies
Midnight dreaming, still believing the words she said a thousand times before. Broken hearted, it's time we started to realize that it's different than before. Broken down and washed away any chance for better days, or a better life ahead. The chance i'd take the dreams i'd chase saving face to fall upon later in our lives. Cruelly leaving, i'm not perceiving the trouble this will cause me all my life. Lost forever, it won't get better, but i won't stop not without a fight.
Track Name: Slap In The Face
How many times i've been pushed around. How many times can i be left out? How many times i've been on my knees, waiting for you to come rescue me. i've been kicked out, i've been beat down, and i've been pushed around. How much more of this can i take? How much more before i break? How much pain do you have to give? how much longer 'till i can live?
Track Name: You Could Do Better
i'm catatonic so fold me up and cut me down to size. It's so ironic for one person you'll push the rest aside. Where have i gone? You've been lost for months now. i see you all the time. But it's not the same now. Another time, another place i used to see a smile on your face. i saw you slip, held out my hand, but it seems that you didn't understand. I've lost it now the spark went out, and i wonder if there will ever be a flame. As for me i feel no shame, and i know exactly who's to blame.
Track Name: Cardboard Cut-Out
It seems there's less and less to say with each passing day, watching helpless but hopeful that our friendship will not fade. The times we've had are gone now, and i'm left here in the wake, it keeps mu eyes wide open, everything i have's at stake. i've known you far too long, to not understand what's going on. We walk our paths parallel. we'll never meet, but i remember yesterday when together we roamed the streets. When we were young and stupid, the fun times we had, but now we're growing apart it's tearing at my heart and i can't stand.
Track Name: Eyesore
It'll never go away, the way i feel today, my eyes have been pried open, and i can't look away. i can't live this way, can't take another day, Now i see so clearly why i was so afraid. It'll never be the same, I'm through playing your game, i'll start my own, i'll be alone, but i won't be ashamed. Nothing will remain, i'll struggle through the pain, i'll tear it all down to the ground and watch it drift away.